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Whenever Mizore was initially introduced, she is actually illustrated once the a lonely, disheartened and you can misinterpreted woman

Whenever Mizore was initially introduced, she is actually illustrated once the a lonely, disheartened and you can misinterpreted woman

Mizore Shirayuki
Kana ?? ???
Romaji Shirayuki Mizore
Manga Rosario + Vampire Chapter 018
Anime Rosario + Vampire Episode 07
Games Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata’s Miss Yokai Academy
Birthday celebration December seven
Intercourse People
Height 156 cm (5’1″)
Weight 45 kg (99 pound)
Around three items B83(C-cup)-W56-H85
Many years 15-19(fifteen during the 12 months step one, 17 inside the 12 months dos; 19 when you look at the Epilogue)
Position Alive
Competition Yuki-Onna
Hair Color White Red
Vision Colour Light blue with Navy blue Pupils
Method Cryokinesis
Gizmos Freeze Dolls
Private Reputation
Loved ones Mr. Shirayuki (Father) Tsurara Shirayuki (Mother)
Associations Paper ClubYokai AcademyYuki-Onna Family
Group initially seasons Yokai Academy (Seasons We, Area I) next year Yokai Academy (Next season) third year Yokai Academy (Epilogue Final)
Sound Star Japanese: Rie Kugimiya

Mizore Shirayuki is actually a beneficial Yuki-Onna whom becomes area of the Magazine Pub during the Yokai Academy plus one of your own romantic fans off Tsukune Aono who’s a good stalker you to definitely she’s got obsessive fascination with your.

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  • 3.dos Year Several
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Looks [ ]

When she try produced, Mizore features much time white purple hair (however, she later on make the grade so you’re able to shoulder-length), blue-eyes who’s a bit of yellow on top (the woman children commonly black, but they are bluish) and you may this woman is usually seen with a beneficial lollipop within her throat that can help manage the woman body’s temperature. At school, she doesn’t wear a good uniform, she wears a light brown pleated checkered skirt, a light sweatshirt with a lot of time deep blue arm with a black singlet underneath, a purple chandelier, long dark & white yellow striped pantyhose which have white shoes and you will a buckle fastened in order to the girl leftover foot, however it is not familiar exactly what she have in the front pocket out-of the girl sweatshirt, even when she has been proven to remain her record regarding Tsukune Aono there.

When she turns to the a beneficial Yuki-Onna, the girl looks will not change, but the girl hands become covered with ice (which becomes freeze claws) along with her tresses and additionally transforms so you can ice sometimes.

Identity [ ]

In the first session she admitted this lady desire Okuto Kotsubo (Mizore’s teacher), whom after that began to make the most of their, which leads Mizore to freeze your. To the incident gossip distributed regarding the the lady, however, after fulfilling Tsukune Aono and you can to be loved ones that have anyone once an initial bout anywhere between this lady and also the vampire entitled Moka Akashiya, Mizore was shown to be a kepted lady with little feelings, which she merely expresses when which have times that have Tsukune. She actually starts to love Tsukune a whole lot that she desires to features kids with your, regardless if she’s got to make him.

She is commonly viewed stalking and you may hiding in various cities, which can be played right up to have comedic effects. (She tend to hides in the amusing towns and cities; when you look at the shrubbery, around tables and sometimes inside seats). Likewise, she gets into comedic objections having Kurumu Kurono most of the time, and generally are tend to seen butting minds otherwise with childish finger fights, even when they are nevertheless to be close friends. By way of example, when Mizore try forcefully kissed because of the Miyabi Fujisaki, Kurumu comforts the lady and you can inhibits Mizore of suicide.