Parents Teachers Meet

DSCN3583PTA Meeting[/caption]
Parents-teachers meet was held in the school last week for two consecutive afternoons, both on Monday and Tuesday. The first day meeting was begun with a short devotion led by Rev. Zohmingliana AGS incharge Service, Baptist church of Mizoram.
The Vice Principal presented certain points of improvements to be taken home by the parents who attended the meeting. There were speeches made in regard with the school rules, administrations and academic improvements from three of our supervisors, sir CCa, miss Madini and miss Mapuii. There was a release program of the long awaited video of the school play.
On the second day, parents from KG section were called. It is our joy that parents valued the program very well.
Due to PTA meeting, afternoon classes for the two days were cancelled and students were given study leave.
The school remained closed on last Friday as NEICC Conference was held in Serkawn church, and as our school buildings were also occupied for the same.
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Day before yesterday, there was staff welfare election at BHSS senior section. The meeting also included giving away of prizes to four of successful teachers in the last B.ed examination, and also to newly promoted teachers from senior section. There was a grand feast after the meeting. The newly elected office bearers in Staff Welfare Committee were as follows:-
Chairman- Sir Hmingmuana
Secretary- Sir David Remruata
Treasurer- Miss Ramliani, all from higher section.
Class 5 had recently been shifted in the new building which is just behind class 3 room. It is hoped that class 5 enjoys the new room and does better in studies. In the meantime, the old classroom will soon be reconstructed under the supervision of Mr. Siama, our work supervisor.
We are glad to announce that miss Nutei is back in the school today after a long absence due to severe health problem and a long time of being in hospital. Let us always remember our teachers in our prayers for their health.
CCA period for this coming Friday is intended to be spent for games for middle section, and, quiz competition for primary section students. However, the program is liable to be altered with other programs if there is convenience due to weather change.
Next Monday devotion will be led by class 2. Tuesday devotion will be led by staff and students combined.

The Utmost for the Highest
The Utmost for the Highest
The School play