Newsdesk 2nd July, 2015

Hello, welcome to Bhss Junior Weekly news round-up. I am Hmangaihzuali, sitting here with me is Lalrindiki.
News Faction has newly appointed 12 students, two from each class, starting from class 4 to class 8, to be in the news production group. As per the proposal made prior to the establishment of News Group, these newly appointed students will help in collecting News from their respective classes. They will also help in the production of News paper and School Year Book which are intended to be published soon.
One of its yearly rotas, PTA Meeting in Bhss Junior Section, was held in two consecutive school days on the 27th of June and the 29th June, separately for Pre-school as well as Middle school section respectively. BCM President was invited to open the first meeting while the second assemblage was unwrapped with a short devotion by the General Secretary of BCM. The two days were spent profitably as certain information, suggestions, and proposals are conveyed and put across between teachers and parents from both sides; for the betterment and improvements of the students, as well as for the smooth functioning of the school administration. Vice Principal gave opening speeches both in the first meeting as well as in the second meeting, and Miss Late-i spoke on the importance of children and proper upbringing of children through accurate and desirable education in Pre section Meeting. In Primary and Middle section meeting, Miss Madini and Sir Cc-a spoke on certain must-to-know information for parents in terms of their children’s behaviour and discipline in school and at homes respectively. Miss Priscilla presented a very helpful topic in the last part of the meeting as well.
One of the chief items of discussion in the latter PTA meeting was about the safety of students amidst the clamour of heavy traffic that crammed full in the peak hour of school start; which however cannot be solved immediately. The meeting also talked about hiring or buying buses to pick up students coming from different localities. The Meeting was closed with a prayer from the Principal, Pu. C. Lalhmingmuana.
In continuation of our proposal in the PTA meetings held recently, some of the students have started extra classes, both for Spoken English class as well as Art class. Any interested students from primary and pre-school students, as vice principal suggested, could join this after-school class. It was, however, intended for opening an opportunity for students who have to stay behind around the campus after school hour, just to wait for their elders from middle school section. Spoken English class is taken up by Miss Lapuii, while Art class will be run under the care and supervision of Sir. Mapuia.

Five of our students have again proved the variety of quality this school encompasses by chopping down several medals in the last Table Tennis Tournament held in Lunglei. B. Lalmuankima of class 8 ‘B’ stood first in Sub-Junior Boys category. He also doubled the medal with a third ranking medal in Junior Boys category. H. Lalremruata of class 7 brought 3rd Position medal in Cadet Boys. Lalrohlui of class 7 also got two medals, 2nd and 3rd, both in Sub Junior Girls and Junior Girls category respectively. Esther Lalbiaknungi of class 8 came up in 3rd position in Sub Junior Girls’. Lalremruati of class 4 received a 2nd position medal in Cadet Girls’ category. These successful students were shown our admiration in yesterdays’ assembly in the school. The news faction is also proud to have these talented students in various disciplines in Games and Sports.
Remna Ni, a Historic peace accord day was observed across the State on 30th June, 2015 with separate programme being organized by different political parties in Mizoram. Schools and Government offices were closed on this day as it is a government Holiday.
Sir. Roney and Miss Sawmi came to this institution lately, yet they kept us mesmerizing with the news of their leave due to training programme. The news faction would like to strike our note of melancholy and wishes by saying that they will be remembered in our prayers and that God will always give them prosperity in their sought for higher studies and stable profession. Meanwhile, we have Hminghluzuala of class 7, who left our due to weak health. News faction calls for the prayer of students and teachers for the three departing members from our school.
FA1 is closing in Bhss Junior Section. Several tests had been done in different subjects. After the end of formative assessment one, there is Summative examination. Students are advised not to engage themselves too much in outdoor activities and plays as the impending examination demands more concentration on studies.
In spite of the dull weather and news of our dear members leaving us, Bhss junior has to carry on with its daily routine, embracing bright days ahead, Holy Spirit being our leader, insatiable learners fed by committed teachers will once again, let’s hope, bring this school-one of the best in the State.
To end the news, the news faction apologizes for our absence during last week. Let’s hope and pray that bad weather will not disturb the broadcasting programme in the days to come. That’s all for today, bye bye.