Newsdesk 4th June, 2015

Hello and welcome back to BHSS Junior section morning news. I hope everyone will find delight if we listen to the music of nature carefully: the new melody of every creature and the flattering of the leaves together under the hot summer sun.
I am Lalhruaitluangi Chawngthu of class 4, sitting with me here is Lalnunmawii Khiangte.
Biddies for Poultry traders under NLUP Second Phase had been distributed from yesterday 10am by AH &Vety department. The beneficiaries who has received the same in the first installment are already noticed to enquire it at AH & Vety Complex, Farm veng. As many as 100 biddies will be distributed this time.
50,000 tablets of methamphetamine with a street value of Rs 1.5 crores was ceased by joint operation by a community-based volunteer organization and Mizoram Police late on Monday and arrested four men, including two Myanmar nationals. Monday night’s seizure took place after several of the volunteers posing as buyers drove some of the traffickers to Seling town, almost 40 kms east of Aizawl. The traffickers then went on their own to a place where they hid the meth consignment and returned about two hours later with the drugs.
Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla on Monday, at a function in Aizawl on the observation of the World No Tobacco Day, said that the government was mulling about giving authority to all ranks of the police to prosecute smokers who smoke in public places. He said that 67 per cent of the people of Mizoram were using tobacco and tobacco. This year’s theme of the World No Tobacco Day was ‘Stop Illicit Trade of Tobacco products’ and the day was observed on Monday in Mizoram as it fell on Sunday.
The Indian government is looking at 100 percent availability of toilets in all schools within the country by this month as part of its ambitious Swachh Bharat Campaign, Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley said on Tuesday. “It has been included as part of the Corporate social responsibility program. A lot of incentives in our fiscal policy have also been announced,” Said Jaitley.
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In other news …
HATIM was holding its 6th Graduation ceremony last Wednesday at Saikuti hall, Lunglei. Commissioning of Graduating students was led by Dr. Chawngthanpari, the Principal, with the help of Head of departments. Graduation address was heard from the Chief Guest Mr. S. Laldingliana, Vice Chairman, HPC, Lunglei District. The function was closed by benediction from Rev. Lalbiaksanga, AGS in-charge, Service, BCM.
HATIM was established on the 27th of June, 2007 with13 staff, and 29 students to be the first faction in this college. English speaking environment has strictly been observed within the campus since the establishment of this college. So far, out of 418 students enrolled, there have been 15 candidates passing out in Distinction, having 6 toppers and 50 top ten in the previous years.
Various schools in the BCM supported Mission schools outside Mizoram are having good results in the last Board examination. M.E.L, ZIRO have 13 candidates, out of which we have 7 distinctions, 4 first divisions and 2 second division. HUTO, Arunachal, BBMS Dubri, Mount. Olive, Depsing Academy, Jubilee English School and ZBMS Birpara are also having many successful candidates passing in the top division and in first division. None of our schools have third divisions and failed students.
More CCTV has recently been installed inside the school campus under the supervision of our Vice Principal. It is hoped that the security of the school campus will be doubled by the newly set up pieces of equipment.
I saw my last year’s teacher. Had she shrunk an inch or two? It took me time to figure out, she was no shorter… I grew. Yes, my dear mates.. We’re growing day by day, learning all domains of life’s meaning. Be happy while you can. Listen to our news and be enlightened. Hope you’ll have a nice day while you stay in this happy school. That’s all for today. Bye bye.

4th June
4th June