BHSS Jr NewsDesk-21st May, 2015

11295936_10205534765880329_3170702588553745347_nGood Morning. We are drawing close to the monsoon season, and our thoughts today wander like wayward clouds in the sky, making us wonder whether it will rain wisdom or hope today. Or will the dark clouds lift; making the happy school’s spirits merry today?

Well, Bhss Jr. Section news faction welcomes you back to its weekly news round-up. The news is put on air by C. Remsangpuii and Hmangaihzuali.

Yesterday, class teachers in Bhss junior Section, under the chairmanship of the Vice Principal, had an urgent meeting; discussing about the school management and regulations.

In the meeting, the members made a stern resolution to enforce English speaking environment inside the school campus during school hours. It is reported that four teachers will be appointed for one day, who will take good care of the students and who will put in force English speaking environment in the school campus.

Formative assessment tests are being carried out in different classes in the school. The news faction wishes all the students for big achievement in their studies.

It is sometimes inevitable that we meet with accidents and mishaps. Sir Johny has been absent from the school due to minor injury in his chin and leg as he had crashed in a stone beside the road while driving his scooty. The working staff of Bhss Junior Section and all the students expresses our sympathy for him and the family.

Four lovely female staffs had recently been recruited in our school. Two of them are staying with the KG section and another two are helping class I and class II for now. Happy school welcomes them whole-heartedly, and the news faction is cool about them and we extend our confidence in them by saying that they are the best out of the many.

In spite of enormous disapprovals arising from parents about the early start of school hours, Bhss Junior has so far been doing great in terms of discipline and other features of school administrations. However, premature hungriness and drowsiness starts to engross both the teachers and the students lately.

Flicking through quickly now, About two rooms are supposed to be evacuated soon from the Hostel building for the KG Section. Sir Bta has left the hostel quarters recently, and the hostel will run under the wardenship of Sir Tluangtea for the time being.

Construction of school building is going on and around 9/10 workers are engaged every day for the construction work under the supervision of Mr. Vanlalsiama, our work supervisor.

That’s all from me.

In other news,

Chief Ministers of the seven northeastern states and Sikkim have jointly adopted a resolution to oppose any move by the Centre to abolish the special category status to the backward states, which will deprive them from receiving huge additional central-funds.

The chief ministers have submitted their resolution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging his “intervention for taking remedial measures.”

The worldwide community of museums had celebrated International Museum Day on 18th May, 2015. This year’s theme for the event was Museums for a sustainable society. It highlights the role of museums in raising public awareness about the need for a society that is less wasteful, more cooperative and that uses resources in a way that respects living systems.

The sing-star of Mizoram Rosy K Remsangpuii decided to visit Mizo brothers and sisters in USA where she is invited to present some of her songs in the Chapchar Kut festival to be celebrated in Maryland, US. She told that she was invited to go on a tour in different states in USA and have concerts in those states. She had also been invited before but she declined as she could not get VISA in time. This time, she is happy to report that she could finally get her VISA to visit USA.

The 2015 Billboard Music Award was given away on Monday at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. Almost all the top artists worldwide had made their appearance in the function, among which Taylor Swift had become the most popular singer by receiving Six different Awards.

UEFA has picked Cuneyt Cakir of Turkey to referee the Champions League final. Cakir, 38, will officiate as Barcelona face Juventus at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on June 6 in the Champions league Final.

Two years ago, Cakir drew criticism when he sent off Manchester United winger Nani in a Champions League last-16 loss against Real Madrid.

However, UEFA defended his decision and the official built his reputation at a successful World Cup. FIFA selected him to handle the Argentina-Netherlands semifinal in Brazil.

The news faction is happy to see that our listeners pay their undivided attention while listening to our news items. We are also happy to say that we will be back on next Thursday with fascinating news. Our time with you ends here. Have a nice Day. For now, bye bye.